Listening for God

I am beginning a new part of my journey of faith as a hospital chaplain.  It occurred to me as I have thought about this new direction that I have been called to, that among many things a chaplain does, one of the most important is to LISTEN.  I have interviewed with a couple of the other chaplains currently serving at the hospital and I did my share of talking.  That is what you are supposed to do in an interview.  But I listened as well.

My ministry and my love for God is deeply seeded, even beyond my own recognition and knowledge.  As part of the process to be considered for this new ministry, letters of recommendation were requested.  It was enlightening for me to see how others see me compared to the reflection in the mirror.  The thoughts expressed by the authors of these letters led me to this concept of being a listener for God with those whose lives I will touch, as well as listening for God in their voices.

I am anxious to begin this next dimension of my ministry and look forward to sharing thoughts together.  audio pro Dues.

One thought on “Listening for God

  1. I thought you had been fulfilling this ministry for years! As one who has spent most of the summer of 2013 in the hospital, I can give personal testimony to the service Chaplains accomplish. It is very comforting to have the visit, unhurried, and caring and listening or speaking….very much appreciated by this patient! One tip: Don’t forget to Pray for the patient, and for wisdom, skill and compassion of those entrusted with the care of same!
    There’s No Place like Home! God be with You in your new ministry. You’ve got what it takes, already, Steve!

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