Not to be political, but…

There is much going on about who gets credit when folks are successful.  Our President pointed out in a speech that it takes more than just you to make you successful.  Well, not to be political, but…I agree.

I am beginning a new dimension to my ministry and service to God in this chaplaincy.  My wife asked me this morning if I was excited to get started.  The answer is yes.  And then I got to thinking about why and what has brought me here.

The why has a lot to do with the sense of closeness and growth in my relationship with God when I am doing his work.  I was called a “church nerd” earlier this week and I guess it is true.  But, while I get personal satisfaction from doing this kind of work, it is much more that we are all called to share our gifts.

Knowing your gifts and being able to put them to use, a tall order.  And, impossible without help.  We become who we are with a lot of responsibility for who we choose to be.  And, I believe, we become who we are also by whose examples of life we choose to follow.

I have made a lot of right choices in how to live my life and I have made some real blunders.  Gratefully, I have learned from most of the mistakes and grown and matured.  More so however, I have had some great folks to follow.  Some are family including parents, in-laws and my wife and children.  They have no idea how much they have influenced the person I am.  And, I have had some wonderful mentors.  People who have loved and stood next to me as I have grown.

But, while all of these people are so important and I offer my love and thanksgiving for them, I must also say that the kids and adults that I have ministered to perhaps have taught me most.  They have caused in me growth and confidence and also an incredible feeling of humility for the privilege of being included in their lives, both the joy and the sorrow.

How do I come to these conclusions? Listening.  It is in this listening that the treasure is found. Listening to mentors, friends, family, strangers and loved ones.  Listening for the spoken message and the unspoken one.

audio pro Dues…Listening for God.  Amen

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