God’s love is an interesting thing. It is constant, never missing. It is beyond our comprehension yet we can feel it. It is invisible but we see it all the time..

A few weeks ago, I shared the story of my friends Monica and Grey Maggiano and the impending birth of their daughter, Audrey Grace. Little Audrey Grace has been through her birth and 3 surgeries so far. She celebrated her 1 month birthday in the hospital and she continues to fight to get better.

But an interesting thing happened early in her little life. Her daddy is a huge baseball fan. And, in baseball, there is this thing that teams do when they are behind in a game and want to rally to victory. They put on their “Rally Caps”. A rally cap is simply your ball cap turned inside out and then perched oddly and some- what precariously on your head.

I don’t remember, or perhaps I don’t know who started it but there suddenly an explosion of pictures on FaceBook of people wearing their “rally caps” for Audrey Grace. Literally, hundreds of people looking a little silly with their rally caps on. There was a picture of nearly the entire faculty of Virginia Theological Seminary with rally caps. Yes, individuals, couples, families, stuffed animals, pets and even at one point, Audrey Grace with a special knitted rally cap!

The list of folks with rally caps is long, and quite frankly, I have no idea who most of the people are. I know there are parishes that sent a picture of the greater part of their parish in rally caps. The Bishop of South Florida and his staff joined in. It didn’t stop there, oh no….

…even the Presiding Bishop, The Very Most Reverend Kathrine Jefferts Schori with a rally cap for Audrey Grace!

If one were not paying attention, one would only see here a bunch of people caring for a family the best way they know how in extreme circumstances, a visual show of support, But, look deeper and you will be amazed what you find!

In my homily on November 17th, I admitted to not understanding how the Trinity works, that it is beyond my human mind.
However, my friends, I know God’s Love when I see it and I have no doubts, no problems of comprehension or vision when I see the Holy Spirit at work with this family.

There are pictures of all these people in their rally caps on the walls of Audrey Grace’s room in Childrens Hospital in Miami. They exist on FaceBook pages. And, in each one, you don’t have to look very far to see God’s love. Leave your 3-D glasses in your pocket, you can see it with your naked eye. Amen.

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