I was raised in the church. The journey began there. The first pastor I remember was not much of a listener. His sermons most often talked of how the end of the world was right around the corner and honestly, it made me really afraid of God and religion. The good news is that I survived and so has the world so far! My ministry goes back 25 years. I have spent most of that time in youth ministry in the Disciple of Christ Church and in the Episcopal Church. I was always skeptical of the “Call” until I first experienced it. It is an amazing and powerful part of my faith now and it has led me to this new dimension of ministry as a hospital chaplain.

My ministry has had many different faces. A parent volunteer. An adult sponsor. A youth minister/director. A grief support group facilitator. A friend. A mentor. A child of God. All of these out of seeking a greater understanding and love of God and the desire to have a deeper faith. And all of these as a lay member of the church, not ordained. I say that for all of you that may read this and say, “I can’t do that, I am not ordained.” You can do anything that God calls you to do. I truly believe that and it means that I have rarely said no to a new opportunity to grow with God. I hope it may help you to grow to.



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